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Amanda Bynes Turns Me On of the Day

Amanda Bynes is amazing. Possibly the future. If she lives. The kind of child star I am into. You know rob them of their childhood, forget they exist, leave them confused and wondering what the fuck it all means, only to have mini breakdowns, cries for attention, acting all nuts, with face piercings and total identity crisis, making her a candidate for a lot of entertaining things in the near future, unless she dies. In which case, at least we’ll always have “She’s the Man” to remember her legacy.

Here’s an amazing tweet she made – I guess she’s a Drake fan…


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  • Rosarch

    So if you cum inside her mouth, does it leak out of her cheeks?

  • Two Broke Girls Sucks

    Wooooowwww, be careful peeps, she is dangerous now.

    It will not happen, Amanda, everybody knows that Drake like to murder Chris Brown’s vagina.

    Shit head…

  • Flips for Flops

    Soooo, she’s insane now?!?

  • Queijo Gorgonzola

    She’s not a Drake’s fan… nobody is a Drake’s fan, Amanda is just an idiot.

  • Tio Bebado em Churrasco de Domingo

    She’ll became relevante when she dies. I’m almost sure… unless other people die too, like that hobo near my house.

    Anyway, I hope she die soon, it’s very idiot what’s she doing with her life now.

  • Joe

    Looking at her with that white hat, reminds me of the instructions on how to put a condom on your dick.

    “Gently place on top of the head, allow a space on top and gently roll down.”

  • Used Condom

    “Drake”? Really? Please, everybody knows that Chris Brown is the official Drake’s bitch =D

    Go make movies, untalented whore, and stop being a waste of skin…