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Beyonce in her Bikini in Video for H&M of the Day

Last week, I posted pictures of Beyonce in a bikini for H&M because I was offended that anyone would allow Beyonce in a bikini, even though I know Beyonce runs the fucking show and if she wants to be in a bikini, despite what her team of handlers tell her, she’ll be in a bikini, it’s all part of being old and fat and bitter at the new generation who make your husband more money than you do.

You know a mom, who prior to being a mom had tree trunk legs I didn’t want to see in a bikini, being a spokesperson for a bikini line at H&M, was probably not something they did because she’s so hot bodied, but more a “it’s fucking Beyonce, imagine the press, we can do pictures and we can even do videos too, everyone will watch….”

Well here’s part two of their fucking program.

To See her H&M Bikini Pics – Cuz You’re Some Pervert Freak -

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  1. Travis says:

    So sick of this overrated cow…

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