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Hayden Panettiere Has the Best Body According to US Weekly of the Day

Seems like breast implants make all the difference for a bitch…from weird thick body to the best body according to a magazine that has not journalistic integrity because it is paid for and run by the Hollywood machine, whether it is PR people, or the studios who make these people famous….

So the life lesson of the day is, if you’re tits are disproportionate, you can pay to fix them, and the world will celebrate you the way you always wanted to be celebrated….at least that’s what I’ve learned from these feature. Thanks US Weekly for making girls feel inadequate.

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7 Responses

  1. Abused Stepchild says:

    This is a sad sad day.

  2. allen says:

    i think shes pretty hot.

  3. DrunkUncle says:

    She makes my penis go “m’eh”

  4. JINX says:

    Are the people at US Weekly ALL BLIND???

  5. Matt says:

    Damn she fine

  6. Jack Ketch says:

    Holy Jesus, the editing on this site sucks … “you’re” tits ??? “Not” journalistic integrity. Ugh.

  7. cowbulls says:

    It’s a shame that
    1. Her holes are so stretched out that she is sexual useless except for blowjobs.
    2. Those stubby legs limit the positions she can use to service a man.

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