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LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pics of the Day

Good little Christian LeAnn Rimes, who her hick fans just think is great, despite her looking like a trashy hollywood hooker, who happens to be a trashy hollywood hooker, that has gone so far as getting implants, home wrecking and making a fool of herself on social media consistently….you know that horse head just never shuts up…but her fans endorse and support because that’s what the good lord and saviour Jesus tells them to do, especially with a girl who sings so wholesome and sweet and touches their hearts because they are idiots and don’t realize it’s all money making marketing….

The good news is she’s in a bikini, and she’s not fat….in fact if you crop her head out, she’s almost worth jerking off to…but not quite as good as jerking off to her old wholesome country videos, knowing what she’s become…


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