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Bar Refaeli Does Instagram of the Day

I wonder if Bar Refaeli’s mortgage payment is coming up, or maybe she’s making a big purchase, or maybe she just wants to see her bank account a little more substantial…or maybe she’s just feeling a little insecure and in need of a little attention..because she’s been aggressively posting bikini pics to the internet and I mean that’s kinda what all the ratchets do…eager for LIKES…

I’m not complaining, even if I find her a little plus sized, I’m just curious what she has up her sleeve, what’s all this scheming, but not that curious, because in less than 5 minutes, I will forget I posted this, because guess what, it really doesn’t fucking matter because she doesn’t matter.She’s a bikini model, she’s old, she’s not even American and doesn’t even live in America and there are so many other breasts out there to replace hers…welt’s focus on those.

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  1. cowbulls says:

    She still warrants our attention because she has the body and mindset to be a sexual paradise.

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