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Nina Agdal’s in Galore Magazine of the Day

Nina Agdal, overrated, retarded looking, but the next SI Swimsuit cover…who is probably best known for being Adam Levine’s most recent hooker….

Even if she doesn’t view herself as a hooker, because girls, even actual hookers, prefer to be called a “high class escort”…and since she has her own career and makes her own money…but most importantly, doesn’t charge by the hour, maybe she just thinks this is love….

Real love, that took Adam Levine 4 top model pussies in the last 6 months alone to find…

Real love, that would never happen if Adam Levine was just some aspiring musician she met at a bar, but that did happen because he’s on TV an in Pop Band Maroon 5, and known for dating models, making his penis a right of passage for these girls….something I am sure he appreciates…

Well she’s in Galore, and she’s dressed all American, because I guess that’s the hope that Levine’s sperm will make her…but to me she’s just a mail order bride with a good agent who instead of spamming inboxes spams Bikini companies and gets her marketing their shit…

Here are the pics.

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