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Selena Gomez Isn’t Wearing Underwear in Concert of the Day

So Selena Gomez, little Dancing Monkey, has decided that acting in shitty movies and TV shows isn’t enough for her, and that it is time for her to become a huge popstar because I guess with being a shitty actor and shitty singer with a fan base, it only makes sense. I mean, Miley did it, right? So everyone needs to do it.

I mean, I guess it could have also stemmed from her fake relationship with homosexual Justin Beiber, you know seeing all that money and those adorning fans from the side stage, giving her a taste and making her think she can do it, cuz she sold her soul years ago, back when her family sold her childhood, and since then has been surrounded by people telling her she’s capable of anything and that she’s good enough even when she’s shit, cuz they know no matter what she’ll sell albums and make them all richer…so keep her happy and confident, it’s key to the formula..

I guess we should all be glad she didn’t learn this dance move I call not wearing panties and showing pubic line, move from Beiber…at least from his stage show..because that is a part of Beiber I think belongs in the privacy of his dress wearing cross dressing because that’s what happens when USHER Raises you on his dick…bedroom….but Gomez, she’s onto something…

To See the Rest of the Pics of her Performing…

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