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Ana Beatriz Barros in Bathing Suits for Harper’s of the Day

This is for Harper’s Bazaar Spain….and I feel like a few of these bathing suit pics don’t quite hit the mark. I mean 4 year old girls building sand castles at the beach show more skin…this is some “We’re moms in our 30s and can’t look like sluts with the other moms at our babies swim class” look…you know or it is like some orthodox christian, jewish or muslim, friendly bathing suits, because even they have to swim sometimes…

Speaking of Religious women, when walking the dog, I saw a young Rabbi and his religious wife, who was wearing the wig, and skirt down to past her knees, in a little AMISH style collared shirt, looking relatively wholesome, so I stared at her tits, then back at her, and winked, to remind her what being a woman is all about, and that’s turning me the fuck on…even when you’re in it for God, wholesome as shit, I know deep down, there lives a slut…there always does…

The good news with this shoot is that Harper’s Bazaar, got a little more european, and put her in a little less clothes, even if it’s not quite European enough for this pervert, I can always find a way to make it work.

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