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Amii Grove Topless for Page 3 of the Day

Amii Grove is some Page 3 topless model for The Sun, because news without tits is not news worth knowing and as far as I am concerned that is the most valuable lesson we can learn from the UK…who despite popular belief are the reason we live here the way we live here. I know the thought of such pasty skinned, greasy hair, dainty fucks with bad teeth having any influence over the American dream is confusing, but remember that you won, but not fully, because let’s face it, we don’t have titties in our news papers…

Like all topless models, this Amii Grove is nothing special in terms of looks, although something special in how she spells her stripper name, that’s two I’s people, and she’s something special in terms of career choices, she worked hard to be the July 8th Page 3 tits, and if this is her low level dream coming true, we owe it to her to stare…

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