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Christina Milian in Her Bikini for Twitter of the Day

Christina Milian doesn’t really grasp the whole being a mom means stop trying to be a video vixen, half naked whore, tweaking at every pool party she is invited to, and even when she’s not at a pool party, she’s out there in her bikini snapping pics of herself in the bikini, because after being divorced and failing at relationship, it is nice to have some male attention to feel like you still got it, and if you’ve got the budget to hire a replacement mom to watch your kid, while you’re taking booty pics, why the fuck wouldn’t you…

This is like the rich person version of that MEME that circulated years ago of a woman doing a masturbation selfie with her kid in the background playing…only more luxurious with all the rich person amenities…to make it less weird to masturbate to…

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  • http://twitter.com/madammeow MadamMeow

    That pimple on her butt looks delicious.