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Bar Refaeli Kisses Girls on Instagram of the Day

What a lesbian…and by lesbian I mean model who is falling off thanks to being old, not having an A-List boyfriend, living in the middle east…you know rich enough to support herself the rest of her life without all the hard work of sitting around a set having people take pics of her…looking for a little attention…

This is like 2 fat chicks at a club going at it, hoping to get the guys to look at them, rather than the hot girls dancing it short skirts..

It’s a pretty low level tactic to get noticed, but also one I approve of, along with Sex Tapes, Vagina Shots, Titty Pics, Drug Overdoses…I mean anything that makes anyone a little more interesting. Even if it is just for a minute

Here’s a bonus video of her working out…to start your day…

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