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Behati Prinsloo’s Victoria’s Secret Boring Pics of the Day


The highlight of this girl’s life, other than being tall and skinny enough for Victoria’s Secret to lock her down in a contract, where she poses half naked in seriously dull, uninspired pics, that girls everywhere aspire they could be, because that’s just how well Victoria’s Secret marketing is done…is that she feels important enough to land a popstar/rockstar dude because for some reason these models think they need a popstar to validate their existence.

It’s like modeling isn’t enough, now they need A-Lister cock to really believe in themselves…in an “I’m a model….I only want dudes who fuck models who other girls want to fuck and who the media love”…which I guess makes sense, but doesn’t make me like them any better, especially when the dude of choice is Adam Levine, because let’s face it, he’s the fucking worst….

All I see is groupie pussy…everywhere… I hate that shit unless it is groupie-ing on me….which happens…once in a while…cuz bloggers are the new rockstars…fools.

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