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Pamela Anderson for GQ Russia of the Day

I wonder how long ago these pictures were shot, I’m thinking a decade, not because she looks young and vibrant, this Pam Anderson bitch, but because she’s in a thong, and being 100 fucking years old this year, thongs are supposed to be banned, making think that even with all the photoshop she can manage, this would never have happened…unless maybe in Germany, cuz Germans are freaks…and into gross fetishes…like shitting elderly diaper porn…

That said, it is typical that Russia would be into her 30 years too late, during the 80s communism it happened with jeans, coca cola, McDonalds and a lot of things us Capitalists were already over and done with….and so the cycle continues…

I mean, I realize these are old pics, but still too new for how old this bitch is…

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  1. Piggles says:

    Damn… Russia has some excellent photoshop masters to make her look decent in these pictures.

    We know she is more busted looking than a 50 car pileup in a thunderstorm.

  2. lawn says:

    They had to start Chernobyl up again to get the power for that much Photoshopping.

  3. xyz says:


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  5. Wesley says:

    She looks about 55 in reality nowadays. Too much time in the sun.

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