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Lady Gaga’s Ass in a G-String of the Day

Lady Gaga is a try hard bitch…she may be the worst possible creature to walk the earth, or at least the entertainment industry. You know a plastic surgeried up bitch who still looks like a fucking monster out of a horror movie who just tries to be weird because it gets her noticed…in a way she always wanted to be noticed growing up…back when she was just teased instead…and the craziest thing about her high concept that is actually just bullshit…is that the girl can actually sing and all this other shit is just fucking noise…nonsense…that people are actually finally starting to hate on because they’ve caught on…

The only thing she really has going for her is that fat ass, that may or may not have a dick tucked into it, but even if it did, I’d still sniff it like I was Miley and Gaga was a fat black thing…because…I’ve grabbed it once while it was in Fishnets at an event before she was famous…and it was glorious enough for me to ignore all the bullshit, even how ugly she is, that comes with her…and focus on what matters.

This is like when you fuck a fat chick with great tits, but only stare at her tits to cum, because otherwise…you have to deal with her being a fat chick…only the weirdo popstar version and I’m okay with that.

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  1. Dan says:

    The only try hard bitch I see is the author of this blog…we already have the dirty, we already have Perez hilton…. go back to your IT job and shut the F up. Noone cares what you think… post more plus size models for my viewing pleasure… you shit faced, cock masyer.

  2. The only one trying really really hard is you Dan. So hard that you forgot to finger your asshole in order to press the proper grammar button. So go back to grade school, reedumacate yourself before its too late thinking that your life is equaled to a worthless shit stain and thus suicide is the only escape because you’re already at a head start.

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