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Pippi LongStocking Sex Tape Exists of the Day

Her name is Tami Erin, which is convenient because it sounds like a porn name, and she is probably best known for being Pipi Longstocking in the 80s TV show…here she comes…

No one remembers….but she’s trying to make people remember her by posting suggestive pics of herself on Twitter looking’ like a whore who fucks on camera on a twitter….and fucking on camera…because she has virtually no following…and a sex tape scandal can fix that….

The storyline of the scandal is that her ex is shopping the sex tape around, and TMZ has already seen the clips, but without Tami Erin Longstocking singing off on the shit, legally no one can do anything with it, otherwise people could get arrested, because it is porn….

That doesn’t mean you won’t get to see it, it just means that she’s playing the victim angle so that when you do see it, she comes across as someone who has nothing to do with any of this shit, even though she poses in her underwear on the internet, and seems like someone desperate enough to do something like this, pretending to not be the mastermind, hoping it leads to a Dancing with the stars gig, because really what else is there out there for her.

The fact is, with porn, she legally has to sign documents and releases…Kim Kardashian had to do it, Paris had to do it. These leaks are all staged.

No one has heard of Tami Erin, and anyone who is still a fan of hers is seriously a fucking creeper, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch her fuck….because I would….especially since I know she’s a whore just by looking at her twitter pics…and I love watching whores fuck on camera…even when they pretend they aren’t involved in the whoring….especially when they pretend they aren’t involved in the whoring…it’s just a level of desperation I appreciate.

Here are some of her pics…to get you ready for her big re-launch…

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