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Anastasia Ashley in a Bikini for Purple of the Day

Anastasia Ashley is some accomplished pro-surfer, whatever the fuck that means, who apparently has been told by enough dudes that she’s got a above average fit ass while in her bikini…an ass that she obviously thinks is awesome because she seems to do more ass than surfing….from twerking at surf events to posting tons of ass pics on her instagram

Luckily, I don’t give a fuck about surfing, unless it is on my dick and/or face…but I do care about ass…so it works for me…unfortunately she doesn’t…because if she did, her first job would be letting me try to get her pregnant…with my mouth….

Either way, she did a bikini fashion shoot for Purple that was shot by the amazing and beautiful Andi Elloway …who should have also been in this shoot in her bikini, turning this fashion porn into some lesbian themed porn….

But instead it was all Anastasia…fuck her for taking all the attention..no wait just fuck her…literally…but romantically and passionately with her all locked in a cage in my basement, as I stare in her starving cuz I haven’t fed her eyes, before spitting in her face and choking her out, as my dick slides in and out of her ass during a herpes outbreak…you know my kind of romance the real kind…

Let’s just hope when she’s googles herself and sees this post about her…and gets turned on instead of a restraining order…

Cuz I am in love with this bitch and pretty much ready to marry this bitch…and start a family with this bitch…or at least try to start a family with this bitch…over and over and over and over and over again…

I feel so alone.

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  1. cowbulls says:

    I hope that starfish is open for visitation.

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