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Emily Ratajkowski See Through Shirt of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski is the kind of girl you try to make fall in love with you and trap with a pregnancy you convince her is a good idea so that she never leaves you.

Kinda like what Jessica Alba did to her husband, or what K-Fed did to Britney, because there comes a certain responsibility, at least with most people who don’t flee the country and legally change their name like a fugitive to never be found by their illegitimates, where a person puts their differences behind them, and focuses on the kid, meaning for the rest of your life, even if she comes to her senses and hates you, not that she would, because when you land a girl like Emily Ratajkowski you don’t fuck around and treat her like the queen that she is….if you know what I mean…and if you don’t…well then look at her tits, they seem to do a great job explaining things…from making music videos hits, to making herself famous, she’s gonna have a solid year at the top…the real question now is where does she take it from here…some people go from rags to riches, she’s gone from naked photoshoot to famous…and for that she’s the hero of the day…I’m a fan, now if only she responded to some of the love letters I’ve been mailing her….sealed in semen and blood so she knows I care…

Feminists hate her, I love her hustle, I’m just interested to see if the fame lasts or if it’s a flash in a pan, cuz there are many hot girls out there, it’s the smart ones who maneuverer shit probably to win at life, even if it seems like she’s won at life today…that can all change if shit’s not done proper…I guess we’ll have to keep watching, something I don’t mind doing…cuz she dresses like this.

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