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Jojo Showing Off Her Ripped Stomach of the DAy

I am all for fitness…because a girl with a fit body, even if she’s got a shit face, is generally more fun to look at and imagine yourself having sex with than a fat girl. Her toned stomach from hours of sit-ups leads me to believe that if she’s not too tired from her working out, that should could do some serious damage on a fat lazy dude who just kinda dead fishes in the bedroom on days he’s lucky enough for the viagra to work…

I mean, it’s nice to see that a girl, who just 10 years ago was jailbait, for some reason I never quite understood, because she was never rocking much sex appeal, yet I would get emails asking for more Jojo posts from perverts everywhere…until they realized she liked black dudes, and eating…and turning 18…losing any appeal she once had…

But she’s grown up, grown out of that, and realizes…she’s gotta make some money before she’s 30…it’s her last go at this…and she might as well get as fit as possible going into it…and I approve…my approval is something, I am sure she, like most girls, seeks everyday when she wakes up…

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  • Phillip McCracken

    look at her face and head she looks like an extra in the hobbit village in LOTR