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Barbara Palvin’s Hot Selfie of the Day

Barbara Palvin is doing some good fucking work…taking selfies like an 18 year old who isn’t in war torn eastern Europe, but rather reaping the benefits of being a million dollar earner in modelling, who can afford a smart phone…

I like that she’s letting us all know that despite possibly having sex with Bieber like she was Miranda Kerr…even though she was just the exit strategy or the PR spin on that Miranda Kerr story to divert people from knowing that Miranda Kerr sleeps around…with adult 12 year old pop stars….because putting the new Hungarian 18 year old at the scene of the crime just makes more sense for the public to accept while keeping Victoria’s Secret clean image, as clean as it can be…so the Christians don’t start protesting these smut peddlers and just accept them as underwear producers, since we all need fucking underwear….she’s still kinda hot…

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