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Scarlett Johannson Esquires Hottest of the Year of the Day

I don’t know about these arbitrary, random, pulled out of their ass, paid for by their publicist lists, but I am sure I’ve posted about this so many times before, whether it is People’s list, or any list, I just know the number one slot is died into a big advertiser, like a movie that’s coming out, or a just because the media are whores and do what they are told by the powers who control the news….

So I know that Scarlett Johannson isn’t the hottest shit out there, she’s old, divorced and was never the hottest shit out there, even when she was at her prime…and I assume so does Esquire…because that’s why they shot her from the head up…

IT’s almost offensive how dumb we think we are, but even more offensive that they make lists like this in the first place, everyone knows there is no such thing as the hottest girl…in the world…and if there is she’s probably in Russia or in the third world…not getting paid millions to get into a pair of SPANX on set of some shit movie…

But I’ll post the pics anyway…because that’s what they want me to do.

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