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Fan Gets Tasered of the Day

I don’t watch sports, unless it involves girls grunting in skimpy outfits from beach volleyball to tennis….because I am more into girls sweaty and being intensely competitive, showing off their fitness and skills they have spent their entire life mastering…skills I couldn’t ever relate to because I’ve never committed my life to anything and have no marketable skill…but that I appreciate especially when it’s sweaty and in skimpy outfits…

But I do know that sports fans, even for insignificant sports, like at the college or even high school level, are some of the most insane fans out there, I’m talking more insane that Star Trek fans, because sports fans are booze soaked, often angry at their shitty lives, and most importantly, dumb as shit and ready to throw the fuck down…

So it is nice to see them get in the face of security and the police aggressive enough to get tasered…it actually makes me laugh that anyone would care about anything this much….I mean I don’t even thing I’d fight this hard if my wife was being abducted by criminals…but I guess that’s a horrible argument, since I was probably the one who hired those criminals to take her away….

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