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Nicki Minaj Posted Fun Pics on Instagram of the Day

Nicki Minaj posted some old bikini pics from her instragram past…that I figure I’ll repost too..because despite her being the single most annoying fabricated pop act to being contrived by the record label to fill the void in the market for a need for a black Lady Gaga…with music that may make you want to either kill her or yourself every time you hear her nonsense…she does have a hot urban body that is politically correct for big fat ass…that she likes to show off…half naked…for attention and I endorse that behavior…even if I’ve seen these pics before…sometimes it is nice to re-live the past…even though it would be easy for her to take new pics…it just requires a mirror…a very big mirror…

Here’s a video…she posted…of her booty…

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  • beavis

    That is not the most tasteful devotional of the Buddha I ever saw.