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The Most Offensive Medical Procedure Video You Will See Ever of the DAy

This is the most offensive, yet amazing video you will probably ever see.

I didn’t want to post it, but couldn’t help but post it, it like sucked me in and made me do it in all the amazingness….because let’s face it…it’s next fucking level….in all fucking ways…

Who is this mystery woman…how did this happen…why did they film it…was it a joke by the doctors who love shit like this….so many questions from a video that says more than we really ever needed….

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  1. LolleyGagger says:

    Holy fuck now THAT’S embarrassing as hell. Shame no video of her explaining what she needed done before this happened be an interesting conversation for the hospital and doctor.

  2. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    You never want to go balls deep with your fucking dildo, when there are no balls, cuz you risk the potential of too much depth and that thing getting sucked up into your lower intestines. (Don’t ask me how i know).

    Of course she followed the playbook of “Doctor, I swear, I sat on it by accident” or “Doctor, I fell on it by accident”.

    The real question, that burns in me now, and will probably keep me awake later is, did they give it back to her?

  3. cowbulls says:

    And that gentleman could be one of you if you don’t tie a 2 X 4 to your ass before doing Kardashian, Aniston, Cyrus, etc.

  4. need eye bleaching says:

    Judging by the comments so far, this site is freqented by the cream of the crop.

    Thanks for the link, dlisted!

  5. xyz says:


  6. DustyBush says:


  7. DustyBush says:

    God. Why won’t Farrah Abraham just go away?!

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