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Adrienne Bailon in a Bathing Suit for a Charity of the Day

I only make fun of celebrities…because I think everyday girls who don’t necessarily aspire to be famous…and even if they do aspire to be famous but aren’t famous…are ok…even if they are awkwardly shaped…it’s the ones who make millions off their shit that make me mad…

That’s the general misconception the lesbians don’t understand about what I do…I tear apart bitches who have won the lottery…I don’t hit instagram and tell off everyday girls and make fun of their GUNTS, or their Sloppy tits, or their cellulite ass…because they aren’t marketed as being perfect celebrities or reaping the rewards…

So despite this Adrienne Bailon having a wikipedia, she’s in her 30s, and pretty much probably makes less money than you for her “celebrity”…slotting her into a normal…at a charity…in a bathing suit…and we like charitable people helping the world…especially when it requires stripping down and getting wet…


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  1. SlapHappy says:

    Damn, she is cute up top, but what the hell happened to her from the waist down? Those saddle bags are not normal looking.

  2. Joe32NY says:

    Damn wtf happened she fat-
    Thought she’s look better w/o clothes damn

  3. Kissmyazz says:

    Adrienne Balloon

  4. P.P. Douglas says:

    Wow, her feet are absolutely dreamy, I could suck those all day.

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