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2 Drunk Australians, 1 Taser of the Day

As an alcoholic, I think I’ve realized that being drunk doesn’t necessarily make life more fun, it just makes the boring times more tolerable because your judgement is clouded and you do things your sober self would think is idiotic, like playing with a low level taser, or more importantly, bringing home fat dirty chicks and having unprotected sex with them, even cumming inside them, getting them pregnant enough to guilt you into marrying them and never leaving their side, because that’s what a good dude does…when if you were sober, you’d just go home and jerk off…

These Australians, are ridiculous, but this video made me laugh…and it will make you laugh too…

Or maybe you like weird Brazilan bike thief videos….

Or maybe you like Russians slapping up Americans on a train videos…

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