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Lea Michele Kills Off Fiance – Increases Sex Appeal of the Day

If you’ve ever talked to virgin loser dudes playing videogames with each other at the Sci-Fi club in their college, you’ll know that people they are fans of, especially famous girls they relate to and have weird one-sided relationship withs, usually very sexual and even romantic, despite having never met, they get very angry when they find out that fantasy is engaged or married to some dude…in fact they always wish death on him…it’s the aspergers way….

So assuming, Lea Michele, despite being hard faced and manly, ever had fans that wanted to marry her, those fans would probably be the kind with no standards at the virgin corner of the cafeteria, who would wish death upon her Fiance, even if he was just a fiancé for press and publicity reasons…so to them that alone increased her sex appeal….and I guess he’s taking it to heart and really milking the single widow thing as she smiles in her skimpy dress like all Widows do…and she should because let’s face it, she’s never been hot before so she might as well leverage the 5 minutes 3 people think she is cuz she’s single. If you know what I mean…


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  • fatty doo-doo

    She faked her way through that tribute…croc tears all the way. Also conspired with his mom to cremate his body at the earliest possible time – no service, not even his father was allowed to see him.
    Now this post-op trann lookin’ ho models for Loreal?!