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Miranda Kerr Does Instagram of the Day

The best Miranda Kerr story I have heard from people in the fashion industry, I’m talking her management, is that she got fired from Victoria’s Secret, the company that made her, despite my original thought that she let her ego get the best of her and she didn’t want to be known as a Victoria’s Secret girl forever so she quit situation…

Well it turns out that last year at the fashion show, she had sex with Bieber.

Take that in for a second, the married, and marketed as happily married Victoria’s Secret model, who they all loved because she was a family woman with an A-List husband, banged Bieber…because I guess you can’t believe everything you read or see…in the media…it’s all fucking lies…

Now I don’t know if it’s true, but it sure as hell better be, because it makes for an amazing story…and whenever I see her with her kid or husband I laugh…but not as much as Bieber’s laughing cuz he’s been up in this…

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  • rodzilla

    No effing way am I going to believe that Miranda would even give Bieber the time of day, much less actually (shudder) have sex with that creep. Proof, or it never happened.