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Carmen Electra’s Stupid Cause of the Day

Carmen Electra is using her low level celebrity as a platform for the weirdest cause…the war against Southwest “waisting” water …

People around the world don’t have drinking water. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that #southwest airlines employees would serve water, then make you through it out when you are leaving the plane by saying its airplane regulations that no water can come off the flight #waistofwater What do u think? Tell me about your southwest flying experience

I don’t know if she’s trying to actually make a difference, you know change the regulations to allow people to leave the plane with their cans of water, which in and of itself is pretty low level and ghetto, water belongs in bottles…but I guess not as low level as being a big star flying fucking Southwest… I know less relevant people than Carmen Electra who only fly first class…she’s fallen off…

But she’s targeted them…mad they are THROUGHING out her water…because people around the world don’t even have water people…like every time the THROUGHS up after eating in hopes of staying fit…

Who cares, I know….totally..but at the good news is she hasn’t forgot who Carmen Electra is and makes out with the can like you’d expect her to do..probably after shoving it up her asshole…

I know…who cares…

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  • Phillip McCracken

    “its airplane regulations that no water can come off the flight”

    i call complete bullshit on this. COMPLETE BULLSHIT. i take anywhere between 8-16 flights a month, on multiple airlines, and this is UTTER BULLSHIT. The ONLY reason they may not have allowed this lying bitch to get off the plane with what she was drinking is because EVERY AIRLINE RECYCLES now. They are making a conscious effort to seperate GARBAGE from RECYCLABLES. So, she would rather save 2 ounces of water, and whine and bitch about them “wasting” 2 ounces of water, but, than allowing them to recycle 6 ounces of aluminum. Because im SURE Cuntmen Ecuntra was going to make sure she recycled that can instead of throwing it in a regular garbage.

  • Rosarch

    I fly all the time and have never been asked to give up anything I had.