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Miley Cyrus Masturbation for Instagram of the Day

Miley is promoting something pretty pornographic on instagram that’s dropping December 26….and that involves her making sex faces with her hands down her panties…something Instagram appreciates when Miley does it…but when I post a pic of a girl in a bikini…they flag my shit….cuz that’s hypocrisy of the media…ILLUMINATI….

That said, people freak out at Miley’s new image, which has been one of the best moves in pop culture in years, even if the scandalous bullshit has happened with so many teen stars before her, for some reason this Miley one is executed properly …but they forget that her dad was some white trash hick with a shit song and her mom was some stripper cocktail waitress groupie…I mean masturbating for millions of dollars is far better than what GOD had planned for this Hannah Montana chick…I mean drug overdose in some Nashville motel after Achy Breaky Money ran out was more her calling…

So this “art” porn is just fuckin tame…and luckily…it will lead to many tweens simulating this…yay…

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