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Pregnant Ballerina Fetish of the Day

There’s gotta be a fetish in this somewhere…Some chick who I assume is a Russian Ballerina, because Russians are the only ones who care about ballet…has been posting her pregnant ballet pics to instagram…and it is scaring the fuck out of me because even though they tell us that pregnancy is natural, I find it the most unnatural thing ever…some weird alien growing inside a bitch only to be shat out of her vagina…destroying her body int he process..is what horror movies are made of…but you will probably like it…cuz she’s in a leotard…a leotard so tight it is keeping the baby in…because once it falls out of her she’ll have no more purpose…or meaning…she won’t know what to do with herself and no one will care about her and her failed ballet career….so take it in…while she keeps it in….this shit is freaking me out.

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  1. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    Oh, yes, I would fuck this bitch till her baby had a dented head.

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