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J.Lo’s Fat Ass in Jeans to Inspire your Resolutions of the Day

J.Lo posted a pic of her fat ass for you to get inspired enough to hit the gym, not that I am ever against a fat ass, in fact I am a black man like that, shit taps into the core of my testosterone producing glands and makes me want to suffocate on the shit, literally…but I figure all you anorexic bitches find this disgusting…even though it made J.Lo a billion fucking dollars and is still making her ass money…or her ass is making her money…reminding you that I guess NEw Years Resolutions are shitty expectations you put on yourself, that you will disappoint yourself with, and that ultimately don’t make you a better, more interest person… Eat, drink, smoke…do whatever the fuck you want…no one cares…if you are healthy enough..in fact more people probably want you to fail than succeed in health, wealth, happiness, whatever.

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  1. cowbulls says:

    I’d like to test drive that thing and do a full evaluation of how well it performs.

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