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Sarah Stephens Hot for Myla Lingerie of the Day

Sarah Stephens is some model and she’s in a campaign for a lingerie company that’s all set up to be romantic and beautiful but that just looks cheesy as fuck…I’m talking mall photography quality erotica fat white trash wives get their husbands to spice up their shitty poor as fuck Walmart trailer park lives…cuz that’s what their dead beat dad taught them men like when they used to make them look at penthouse together before the molesting started…

But I have thing with shitty catalog pics that totally misappropriate babes trying to make them commercial product vending spokespeople…that always end up looking as dumb as this…because you know Sarah Stephens, even if you have never heard of Sarah Stephens, is the kind of model who would show her tits, if asked…yet Myla Lingerie…never fucking asked, and if any nipple did show up, they squashed that and fucking airbrushed that motherfucker in photoshop out…disappointing everyone like me…

Here are the pics anyway…cuz Catalog pics are a fetish of mine, even if they anger me.

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