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Lindsay Lohan Press Conference in Sundance of the Day

My girl who is no longer my girl ,Lindsay Lohan, seems to be making a comeback.

I like to think I keep track of what she is up to, but I am lazy and don’t actually care that she’s still alive. I just pretend that I am her number one fan, who is probably not her number one fan at all because I don’t really keep on top of anything she does, I’ve barely seen any of her movies, and I don’t really bother remembering all the nonsense that has happened in her crazy life…other than remember a few of the many dudes she’s fucked…and some random stories of her insanity that are entertaining…

I do however like to pretend we are connected at the soul, and I do actually believe she will win an Oscar one day, and I have been rooting for her comeback because let’s face it, she’s entertaining and has great implants….

Well, she was at a press conference in Sundance…looking nice and botoxed…and in unrelated news, I got a text from her old phone number, a number that hasn’t texted me in over 1.5 years…with a mysterious “?”…she’s so hard to figure out…but she is looking good enough for me…which isn’t saying much but is saying something.


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  • Travis

    You’d fuck a pile a pile of dog shit so obviously you’d fuck this bitch…