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Kate Upton Does the Superbowl for Vogue of the Day

The Super Bowl is a big deal for Kate Upton…

Not necessarily because she’s into Football…

Not necessarily because her fan base is all about that shit…and I don’t mean to shit on every football fan, because I know that football is a huge deal to dudes of all socio-economic backgrounds…I just mean to say that trailer dwelling mass market blue collar Joe the Plumber motherfucker with the 400 pound wife is all about this Kate Upton shit, her awkward body is like some angelic shape from heaven…

But because of all the party snacks…so much food for her to eat her way through…because that’s what pigs do.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    shes fatter than Nick Mangold. I dont get how people think this cow is attractive

  • Travis

    Spot the linebacker…