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Ashley Benson does Cosmo of the Day

I used to think that Ashley Benson was another one of those Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens type girl who doesn’t get paid very much, but worked for Disney making her easy to hire because Disney puts these girls through the ringer, telling them repeatedly that they are lucky to be there, and to smile harder, because millions of other girls would pay to be in their place, and this is the happiest place on earth factory so be fucking happy, don’t be a bratty cunt…only more low level…

I saw Spring Breakers and saw she was just as doughy as those girls, it’s some new generation, rappers like thick girls, fast food is the source of booty situations…and realized…I have no real opinion of her…she’s just sort of there…before hitting her instagram and seeing she’s on some slutty teen show all the teens masturbate to…based sex and bad high school behavior and realized she’s actually an icon…which I guess is why Cosmo is doing a photoshoot with her…that would be better if it was Hustler…or 18 and spread while being eaten out by old italian men like she was a slice of fucking pizza….it’s a niche magazine…

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