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Jessica Alba in a “Kill The Bush” Campaign of the Day

Jessica Alba is perpetuating the evil kill the bush movement…with her mom blogger ad campaign that is designed to speak to wive’s everywhere, because that is her audience, who should, like all girls, not be shaving their pussies, but rather have more excuse not to shave their pussies, because the cost of having their man, who is conditioned by the bald pussy thanks to porn movement, leave them is too high…

It’s like half of everything I own to fuck this bald pussy, all because big corporations created an insecurity for women, a fake want for men and a billion dollar industry, killing the bush in the process thanks to laser, when bush is one of the most erotic accessories a pussy can have besides an asshole..

So I guess Alba really is evil…and perpetuating negative body image for girls everywhere, by helping women feel objectified, with unrealistic media produced demands like hair removal…

But she got paid over 100k for this people, so it is totally worth it…

Devil woman.

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  • cowbulls

    Why isn’t she cleaning a Marriott hotel room somewhere?