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Naked Artist Laying Eggs and Other Videos of the Day

I don’t know anything about this artist, other than that she’s amazing and shoving eggs filled with paint in her, only to lay them on a canvas from a ladder set-up, completely naked in public…because that’s the way art is meant to be…

Sure, it’s a bullshit stunt, on some college art school level, but she’s naked and laying paint eggs and that’s the kind of college art school level stunt I am into…

There is an uncensored version – that they are trying to make me buy and I don’t like this shit that much….

Here’s a weird interview with a Miami Tranny…

This is pretty intense, but I’m glad that Youtube is monetizing this shit…

Here’s a chicken walking into a child’s hug…for EASTER

Chinese Fireman VS Flaming Propane Tank

Here’s a Truck VS Bridge

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