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Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes Pregnancy Erotica of the Day

I remember the first time I saw ready to drop porn. I really didn’t like it, or understand why it was happening. I was a firm believer that fucking a pregnant girl, even when you weren’t the father of the child, despite how sad, broken and slutty that made the future mom, was not a nice experience. Maybe the baby makes the pussy tighter, but I doubt it, I’m not doctor but assume shit’s getting ready and is flaring in anticipation for being destroyed by child. Maybe the tits get bigger when filled with milk that I am sure doesn’t taste all that good, but when you’re on a tight budget could be nourishing in your cracked you are fucking a pregnant girl who isn’t pregnant with you baby in. Maybe there is a glow to a pregnant woman and some see it as beautiful, while I just see it as damaged as fuck…but for some reason, when supermodels get together and have uterus kissing parties…I like it…

Here’s some Candice and Doutzen, friends in real life…not just on campaign for Victoria’s Secret..erotic…

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