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Miley Cyrus in Weird Underwear with Pixie Lott in a Weird Top of the Day

These pics were taken of the new generation it-girls Miley Cyrus, who we all know and hate…and Pixie Lott who I’ve never heard of, but who wears a shirt I can respect…because it cages in her wild tits nicely…

They are outside a club that I assume they are all doing Molly with, leading the Miley having another drug overdose that kills her, since all these jealous bitches are trying to shut her up, not so much because they are jealous of her Disney success, but because that voice of hers is fucking terrible…

That said, looking at these outfits, reminds me that I am old as fuck, because shit looks like a circus, or a bad rave, or halloween, up on some clown shit.. and I’ll never really accept the hipster party kids I used to do drugs with style, being mainstream…it just confuses me…it’s like I remember kids dressing like this to make a statement, and all the normals would stare…but now the normals are doing it, leaving the hipsters crying for attention forced to dress conservative, otherwise they just look like Miley…and that’s fucking lame…I mean if hipsters even exist anymore, I like to think they died when it went mainstream.


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