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The Best Picture You’ll Ever See of a Fit Jessica Simpson of the Day

When I think of all the things in the world I would like to see…an up short shot of mom of two or three Jessica Simpson, pushing 35, after gaining a losing a ton of weight, before having a baby shat out of her, and that was just from all the ribs she was eating, before saying “I’m a legit billionaire, I can afford a cook and trainer to follow me around all day, and I have a multi million dollar contract with weight watchers I would like to collect on, maybe I’ll stop being lazy for a fucking minute and get my shit together, it only takes 6 months to get fit if you try”….kinda thing…

You see, that stretch mark filled mess…is not the promised land, it’s not the 90s anymore, if anything, it is a terrible fucking place that has seen terrible fucking things…but I’ll post this picture anyway, because virgin losers who read these sites are committed to specific girls, they are also in their 30s, cuz kids don’t need sites like this to find tits or ass…they just have to text the girls they know…and shit’s younger and fresher…new generation…

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  • cowbulls

    I’d love to speed some quality time with her funbags. I give her credit for getting back into prime sex shape.