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Luci Ford Supports Team USA while Eating Spaghetti of the Day

I don’t watch sports, but apparently there’s some Soccer event happening that the whole world is watching, except maybe the USA, because the USA knows that soccer is some homo shit, and that’s just the fan’s with their faux hawks and Adidas track suits…

I did hear that USA played a game yesterday, because I spend my days on this thing called the internet, and what better way to showcase your support or patriotism, than to have a USA themed photoshoot….while eating Spaghetti…because I guess on a higher level, maybe Luci Ford, our new favorite model, is predicting the USA VS Italy game I don’t even know is happening, because I don’t pay attention to this shit…

Or maybe, she’s just in a USA one piece randomly, and she’s eating Spaghetti…because she’s hungry, you know carb loading for the day to give her enough energy to keep on being a delicate flower sent from heaven to tickle my soul with joy and happiness and feelings I’ve never known…

Either way, she’s hot as fuck and these pics are good.

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