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Lea Michele in Some Post Fiance Death Bikini Pics of the Day

I am a firm believer in not moving on with your life after your so called love, who conveniently, was more of a marketing strategy for you and your TV Show, killed himself in a drug overdose that you didn’t prevent, because you were too busy tucking your fucking balls in, it makes you sing at a higher octave, pretending you are a girl, you useless Glee, man-faced, twat…

A twat that squeezed into a bikini, even though she should have the SADS but all i see is SMILES…even though boys aren’t supposed to be happy to wear bikinis, or maybe they are, it’s 2014, and the slogan is fuck everything…There are no rules, there are no systems, wear panties and live life as a girl even if you aren’t one if you want, every day was halloween, filled with sex, and I approve because I’d like the whole world to get AIDS and die…it is our only hope…

That said, I want to get AIDS from her friend in red…even if I’m too busy mad at this picture for having stupid fucking captions on it, but not as stupid as Lea Michele’s 1990s butterfly tattoo I assume she got back when she was researching things trashy hookers do, before she grew her hair out…


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  • Phillip McCracken

    why is there no pictures featuring her disease ridden Prostitute boyfriend? oh wait thats right, hes just a “dating coach” not a pay for sex hooker.

  • xyzc

    Pssst….. Only women are hookers, men are “dating coaches”. Im being ironic, of course….