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Miranda Kerr’s Nipples for Elle Spain of the Day

I don’t care, so you probably don’t care…but Miranda Kerr brought out her implants in some fashion magazine that I assume she wasn’t paid for, but instead did because she can now show her nipples whenever the fuck she wants, as she’s not tied down to that pesky 3 million dollar Victoria’s Secret contract that was really holding her back in her career and not allowing her to do free shoots, when taking time off from fucking multiple billionaires…

I’ve heard she’s a horrible person by people she works with. I believe it. She’s got a weirdo face…but she is still an ex Victoria’s Secret model like Gisele, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks before her, I am sure her demise is going to be just fine…and as long as there are nipples…I’ll notice, despite not caring…I’m just that kind of guy.

Apparently I POSTED THESE IN APRIL …I am better at this than I thought I was…

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  • cowbulls

    Bieber got her so she can’t be too damn hot.