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Eva Longoria in a Bikini of the Day

Like the black guy who used to embezzle money from the pharmacy we worked at and stole prescription pills from – to use as currency in the strip club…The guy who would tell the black strippers they were a disgrace to black people doing what white people expected of them…up on some Bill Cosby Shit…

I find looking at Mexican girls, mainly Eva Longoria and really any native Mayan with no neck, pushing 5 foot and weighting 180 thanks to corn tortillas…not very exciting…

But I don’t think my hate for Longoria is that she’s one of those Mexicans so white she orders her mexican staff around like slaves, you know to make her feel better about herself, and like an actual white person she wants to be…

I don’t think it has to do with the fact that she bangs black dudes, that’s never really been an issue for me, but white guys fucking hate that shit…literally.

I just think an overrated, old twat, that even staring at her ass isn’t inspiring, exciting, or interesting…she’s pulled some kind of scam…and has the tramp stamp to prove it…but I’ll post the pics anyway, it’d be negligible if I didn’t.


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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    American hating cunt.