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Bella Thorne and Nina Dobrev Bikini Ice Bucket Challenge of the Day

Bella Thorne is the future of Tween stars. I’ve been told she’s 16, which makes you a pervert for staring at her bikini instagram Ice Bucket challenge. Since there’s a massive difference between a 16 year old body and an 18 year old body…according to your laws…or maybe those laws are in place because 16 year olds have 18 year old bodies…but their minds are dumb as fuck, annoying as fuck, and pretty easy to hate…

Even watching her do her Ice Bucket challenge, I can tell she’s awkward, not cute and one of those weirdo almost manly tweens, even if her body tells a different story…when getting wet.

I’m not hating, I just feel humanity is doomed – strictly based on our youth and their here’s some other Tween starlet who isn’t a tween herself, but is a Canadian, doing some bikini ice bucket challenge…that is also worth looking at…

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