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Marloes Horst for Free People Lingerie of the Day

Marloes Horst is a Victoria’s Secret model, who is not modelling for Victoria’s Secret in these pictures, like some sir of disloyal hooker who will bounce from client to client even if you’ve got her under contract…and they get paid a shit ton of money to just be in their underwear – because these hoes aint loyal, or more importantly, these brands are all in it together, because if I was paying a girl 30,000 dollars a day, or 800,000 dollars a year, you can be pretty fucking sure there would be no pictures taken with other people, hell, I wouldn’t let her out of my basement. You see because when you own a person…you don’t share the person…unless there’s some back end deal in it for you…it’s really the whole foundation of pimping.

She’s pretty much my favorite looking model I’ve ever seen, even if someone just told me she used to be fat…she’s like an Avacado…good fat…

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