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Beyonce in her Underwear of the Day

Beyonce is in her underwear…but not in stolen pictures, I guess no one cares about seeing her get fucked by Jay Z, but I find that hard to believe, because it would be like a circus event worth a billion dollars of obnoxious.

I guess this is more of a why bother when she’s leaking the content herself in efforts to be some kind of sex symbol or interesting…despite being old and a mom.

Instead of being graceful and rich as fuck, post panty pics like a hooker trying to make it…

I feel like I’ve seen these pictures before, but also feel like I never want to see these pictures again, maybe they are old, maybe I blocked them out, maybe they are not that great, I mean they are Beyonce, it’d be hard for them to be great – even though she is pretty convinced that everything she does is great…

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