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Britney Spears Lies to Us on Women’s Health of the Day

I am going to go out there on a limb and assume that this is a photoshopped picture of Britney Spears.

She doens’t look like this…but they kept her 1990s hooker tats visible to make it seem believable, and she has been medicated, working out everyday, and probably fed by a personal chef and dietician…the girl is rich as fuck…and if she needs to be fit…she can get fit…all of us can…but not all of us care to be on the cover of Women’s Health showing our “if you get knocked up at 24 by some gold digging white trash hick, in an era you’re completely out of control and on drugs, you can spend the next 8 years in conservatorship by you dad and team of handlers, where they control every thing so that you keep making the company money, which includes not being fat, espcially not in the media”…kind of way…

All this to say, I want to be on the cover of Women’s Health…

The fact people care about this nonsense is so ridiculous

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  • yes guys… and wath’s happen to her shoulders ? The only people who can made this with their shoulders are Houdini and probably Stephen Hawking.