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Olivia Munn’s Scam Ass in Leggings of the Day


Olivia Munn pulled one of the best scams in digital television…because right before the internet took the fuck over..TV was still semi-relevant and random stations like G4TV existed and needed to fill up the 24 hour window they had with content, so what better way than to have a TRL style show on nerd shit for nerds….and what better thing to do than cast an accessible “babe” to play up the nerd shit, like she likes the nerd shit, or cares about the nerd shit…because nerds are so fucking loyal, and having them as a fan base can carry her bullshit to another level of acting in movies…like she always wanted…because it’s the reason she moved to LA in the first place…

Well, nerds are loyal, her career is bustling, she’s an opportunist, and really who isn’t…and more importantly…she’s showing you how badly she needs to do squats…in what I assume is a before picture….for her fitness hustle…

I am not a fan..but then again…I am not not a fan…I just don’t give a fuck about this…and I dont think anyone else does either..

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