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Amber Heard in a Bikini of the Day

I wonder how many of you basic motherfuckers are going to make a “Got Milk” joke about Amber Heard, the pussy eating when it was good for PR, before homewrecking Johnny Depp’s home, and making the motherfucker marry her, because he’s old and young hipster pussy that is the right kind of manipulative, who knows the system and how to get what she wants, proven in the fact that she’s cast in movies prior to getting with the A-Lister….who she has by the balls…

I wonder…if they are going to make comments about her having herpes from the rise and fall of her career and personal life…

I wonder if anyone will make jokes about her having cum on her lip, because your cum is so rank, old and backed up that it looks like thick sunscreen..

I wonder if she’s doing this lip treatment for the paparazzi to get them talking, or if she does lip laser removal, and she can’t get lip in the sun..

Either way, decent booty, not sure if I’d marry the bitch if I was Depp, I’d probably just fuck it and move onto hotter, and better…but I guess you can’t speak for a motherfucker who has been in the game, having pussy and money thrown at him….since the 80s…because as a blogger, I’d fuck anything…

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